Custom Built Grill Shack CharBroil Gas BBQ and Uuni Pizza Oven

One of our more recent and unusual custom built BBQ Grill Shacks, this project needed to accommodate both a CharBroil Gas BBQ, as well as space for an Uuni Pizza Oven!

We first completed a site visit of the intended BBQ Grill Shack location, made some alternative recommendations and discussed with the client their specific needs and how they intended to use their outdoor cooking station . We then created a draft design brief using an ‘L’ shaped footprint as the main design.

The large table area would incorporate a CharBroil Gas BBQ, with the ‘L’ shaped extension being used normally as additional workspace, or to sit the Uuni Pizza Oven when in use. When not in use, the Uuni Pizza Oven would be conveniently stored on a lower shelf. A roof was not initially required for this project, but is an option for later in the year.

A ‘floating’ table design was also created for the ‘L’ shaped extension, rather than using too many upright posts, which give the whole design a more creative and interesting look.

To finish the project, the whole wooden structure was treated with a waterproof sealant and then we added some accessories, including a lovely piece of natural slate for the Uuni Pizza Oven to sit on when in use.

Here are some photographs of the project during the 2 day build, as well as of the final completed BBQ Grill Shack.


Some Customer Photos

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