BBQ CHARCOAL – Household or Restaurant Grade?

One of the questions we are often asked is what are the differences between the Household BBQ Charcoal bought from your local supermarket or service station, compared with Restaurant Grade BBQ Charcoal, which is now more readily available to buy.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, firstly the most obvious difference is the size of the individual pieces. Household BBQ charcoal is usually packaged in smaller bags and the pieces are also much smaller – this results in the coals not lasting as long and sometimes causing problems with airflow, resulting in inconsistent and lower temperatures.

Restaurant BBQ Charcoal however is usually packaged in at least 12KG bags and the individual pieces are much larger. This results in a higher and more stable heat, which lasts much longer, so is also more ideal for parties when you may be cooking for a larger number of people.

The less obvious difference is in the content of the actual BBQ Charcoal itself…. Most household BBQ Charcoal includes chemical additives to help get the fire started. However these chemical additives, along with the fire lighters often used to start the BBQ, can leave a nasty chemical taste on the food you cook.

Household BBQ Charcoal is also more likely to have a greater water content, which can result in the production of more smoke, sparks and ‘spitting’ during the initial lighting and burning stage.

The larger pieces found in Restaurant Grade coals are also better for smoking food and imparting that real wood, smoked flavour to your food.

Key Benefits of Restaurant Grade BBQ Charcoal

  • BBQ Charcoal - which is best?Larger, more dense pieces
  • Easier to light
  • Reaches cooking temperature faster
  • Maintains a more consistent temperature
  • Lasts longer when lit
  • No chemicals or additives to taint food
  • Comparable in price to standard charcoal, although you normally have to buy a larger quantity.

So long as you have a large enough BBQ, we would always recommend the use of a high quality Restaurant Grade BBQ Charcoal.

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