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Custom Desiged & Built BBQ Grill Shacks

The all year round outdoor BBQ Table Surround!

Our BBQ Grill Shacks are custom designed, manufactured and built to our customer’s specific requirements.

BBQ Grill Shack / BBQ Grill Station / BBQ Table Surround

Our BBQ Grill Shacks are built from high quality, pressure treated timbers, to withstand the Great British Weather. The main timbers used include 100mm x 100mm main support uprights, together with 150mm x 45mm cross-members.

Due to the high quality and thickness of the timbers used, your completed BBQ Grill Shack will be heavy, very strong and extremely stable in use.

Custom Design

Most of our BBQ Grill Shacks are bespoke designed and made to order, following our specific design and construction principles, which make our products unique, extremely strong and durable. We can design and create your BBQ Grill shack around your existing BBQ, or source and provide you a new one.

We design and build longer versions, to incorporate one, two or even three grills, traditional steel charcoal, gas or ceramic ‘egg’ barbecues,  as well as creating additional worktop and storage space for under-counter drinks coolers.

We can also design and create different shaped grill shacks including ‘L’ shaped BBQ Grill Shacks to fit in a corner space, or even outdoor bar and cocktail shacks!

We will manufacture most of the different pieces for your BBQ Grill Shack in advance of the on-site build. Each piece of timber will be carefully selected, pre-cut and drilled in our workshop, in accordance to the design specification agreed, ready for assembly. We will also ensure any ‘bare’ ends are re-treated to provide additional weather protection.

Custom Build

Your BBQ Grill shack will be assembled and finished on-site. A build normally takes around 2-3 days, although many larger projects take longer. On completion of the build, the whole structure will be painted with a waterproof sealant, to further protect and improve longevity of the timbers.

A clear, hard-standing space should be made available for the assembly and final built structure. Mains power will also be required during the build for power tools and equipment. Inclement weather conditions may also impact upon assembly / finishing time.

We will also install any additional accessories to finish off your new BBQ Grill Shack.

Basically, if you can think of it, we’ll design and build it!

Other Ideas / Options

  • BBQ Grills – Charcoal / Gas, Steel / Ceramic, Fixed / Adjustable
  • Roof Covering – Roof Tiles, Wood Shingles, Sedum Living Roof
  • LED Workspace Lighting / LED Effect Lighting
  • Guttering & Water Collection
  • Outdoor Speakers / Audio
  • Under-Counter Fridge
  • Pizza Oven
  • Gas Hob Rings
  • Plancha (Hot Plate)
  • Wash Hand Basin / Sink
  • Outdoor Bar / Cocktail Bar
BBQ Grill Shack - Customised your shack with our accessories


We can provide a wide range of additional accessories to help make your outdoor cooking experience even better. All the items supplied have been PERSONALLY tested and regularly used by ourselves, so you can be assured of their quality.

  • Chimney Starters
  • Ash Cans
  • BBQ Tools
  • Rib / Roasting Racks
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Gas Hob Burners
  • Lighters
  • Bar Accessories
  • Wood Treatment
  • Seasonings / Rubs
  • Fire Pits

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How to order your very own custom designed and built BBQ Grill Shack

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